About Us

It's not athleisure, it's Bizletic!  Instead of trying to wear yoga pants to the office and wearing running clothes on the course -- we made office clothes more stretchy! Styled for the office, but flexible enough for the course or commute. 

GingerCort was founded in 2017 by two former competitive golfers in order to offer a more stylish clothing line.  The goal was to create women's golf clothing designed by women golfers for women golfers for wear on and off the course - from the office to the course and back without changing! 

Jen Baumann and Cortney Reno first met during a summer golf tournament when they were teenagers - and have been friends ever since.  Jen joined the University of Michigan Golf Team in 1996 and Cortney joined two years later.  After college, Jen went on to pursue a legal career and Cortney joined the professional women's golf tour.  Over the years, Jen and Cortney have stayed in touch - until a mutual concern for the state of women's golf clothing brought them together again in 2017.