The GingerCort Journey - Part I

It was January 2017 when Cortney was visiting Chicago and we decided to get dinner. I presented the idea of a women’s golf clothing company to Cortney, explaining my issues with golf clothing. She immediately agreed with the issues with women's golf clothing - the lack of versatility.

Actually, when I started asking my golf friends, most readily agreed that the state of women’s golf clothing was abysmal. Indeed, through this process, I have had at least 5 times heard of other women trying to create women’s golf clothing. But, everyone is trying to do athleisure. And… the answer to the problem of women’s golf clothing is not more athleisure. It is versatility in the clothing – but not in the direction of more casual clothing or clothes made for marathon running.  Our belief is that it’s comfort and stretch with the structure needed for style.

After that first meeting, Cortney and I began the journey of creating a golf clothing company. And, boy, is it a challenge. At no time did I think that creating a clothing line could be so difficult, especially since I live in a city like Chicago, with endless people, opportunities and  knowing so many people after having lived there for more than 17 years.

We tried to hire a designer to help us, but when we tried to explain the issues and the solution, they just didn’t understand – the designers did not know golf and they were focused on athleisure.  We tried to explain that I can't wear yoga pants to work or at a country club.  Instead, we need to start with work clothes and make them stretchy enough to play golf - like men's golf clothing. Finally, we invented a word to explain our concept… Bizletic!

And, we decided to design the clothes ourselves with the help of a patternmaker.

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