For golfers, there’s nothing more exciting and terrifying than teeing off on the first hole.  It’s a mix of excitement, nervousness, opportunity and uncertainty, all in one a little stationary ball... on a small tee... just sitting there... ready to embark on its journey. 

It’s the same feeling I have writing this very first blog post for our very first season of GingerCort.  It may turn out to be a whiff, a duff, a shank, a squib, we may hit it fat, thin, we may slice it, hook it – wow, golf has a lot of terms for bad shots! 

But, oh, it could also be pure.  And, we are just going to take a swing and hope for the best. 

So, thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you find the clothes we created here to be different than what you normally see for golf. 

They are designed with the utmost care and concern for the needs of a woman golfer who wants to wear the clothes at the office, on the course, or at the 19th hole after the round. 

Designed by women golfers for women golfers.

Enjoy... and without further ado… now on the first tee… GingerCort!


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  • Marshall Olger

    Love the name

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